keiko kurita
photographer / artist / current city Tokyo



Artist Statement

The motive for my work starts from an interest in the correlation between fantasy and a natural principle. For example, when we perceive snow falling down creating an uncertain view as a fantastical vision. Correlation of natural science, myth and spirit, is advocated from the ancient times.The nature principle creates worlds in which I feel a sense of awe. When I face those mysterious views, I fall into the illusion that the fantasy world, which I knew in a story, actually appeared in front of my eyes. My theory is that the invisible fantasy world is actually strongly connected with the visible real world and my attempt is to try and capture my world view with an optical media - photography. I think that could be a sincere demonstration of how I face the world and I wish my trial becomes a new sense of value for other people too.





2006    MA Image and Communication  |  Goldsmiths College of London

2004    Certificate Professional Photography Practice  |  University of the Arts London (LCC)

1999    BA Foreign Language and Culture  |  Dokkyo University Japan



selected solo exhibitions

02 2013   Whispering with elves, trolls, and hidden-folks | B GALLERY, Tokyo Japan

12 2012   Whispering with elves, trolls, and hidden-folks | Silverprint, London UK

11 2012   Whispering with elves, trolls, and hidden-folks | Útúrdúr, Reykjavík Iceland

11 2010    ice snow swim land | Kazenomori Bar, Tokyo Japan

06 2010    photographs appear in a darkness under the water  | 35.64474 139.70057, Tokyo Japan

05 2010    mystic water / geothermal  | Kagure Workspace, Tokyo Japan

12 2009    White H2O  |  BARI E MAGLM, Seoul South Korea

04 2009    tree/sleep  |  ASI Art Museum, Reykjavík Iceland

03 2009    innocent water  |  Reykjavík Museum of Photography, Reykjavik iceland

04 2008    H2O  |  PUNCTUM Photo+Graphix Tokyo, Tokyo Japan



group exhibitions


11 2011   'VIÐ VORUM ÞARNA - WE WERE HERE' |  SÍM-gallery, Reykjavik iceland

09 2011   'Sacred place, Prayer, Fantasy Exhibition of Photograph' |  KOUMI-MACHI KOUGEN MUSEUM OF ART, Nagano Japan

07 2006   'Sound of Photography' |  Seibu Shibuya Art Gallery, Tokyo Japan

03 2006   'Professional Eyes' organized by EASTWEST |  Kodak Photo Salon, Tokyo Japan

06 2006    innocent water | Goldsmiths College MA degree show  |  bargehouse oxo tower, London UK

11 2004    beyond the valley launch group exhibition  |  Beyond the Valley, London UK




2011    The POLA Art Foundation | Grants for Young Artists Overseas Study

2009    The Nomura Cultural Foundation  |  Exhibition Grants

2009    Association of Icelandic Visual Artists (SIM)  |  Artist in Residence




02 2013   Whispering with elves, trolls and hidden-folks |  Libro Arte, Japan

05 2010   mystic water/geothermal |  self-publishing, Japan

04 2010   wonder Iceland  |  mille books, Japan

01 2009    White H2O  |  self-publishing, Japan

09 2007    aquatic water  |  UTRECHT, Japan



teaching experience

2009    Vantan Design Insutitute  |  Career Course  Art Photo Depertment  | Annual Part-time Tutor

2007    Goldsmiths Collage of London  | MA Image and Communication  |  Visiting Lecturer



selected media



commercial works

k+ works showcase





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