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Whispering with elves, trolls and hidden-folks

Price: 3,460 JPY (approximately £20 / $33 / € 24 / 4000 ISK )

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This series of 50 photographes about correlative phenomenon between invisible figments and optical photography, captured in Iceland with an entirely unique culture among powerful weather and extraordinary nature. These 50 photographs were taken with 1 shutter release on 5x4 films with a pinhole camera and printed in a darkroom. There were no double exposures and no digital manipulation. READ MORE

Hardcover 56pages

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design : Yumi Kohsaka (the pleiades)
handwritings : Daníel Perez Eðvarðsson
illustration : Hisae Maeda
english Proofreading : Jessica Bryan
icelandic Proofreading : Ari Halldórsson

published by Libro Arte.,Inc

mystic water / geothermal
correlation between fantasy and a natural principle


design : Yumi Kohsaka (the Pleiades) / proofreading : Jessica Gahan
publisher :swimciel, Japan (15.May. 2010) / size : B5 paperback booklet
27 photographs + statement / published on a occasion for an exhibition in MAY 2010 Tokyo
- Limited edition 300 + Singed Serial Number

mystic water/ geothermal is a series of 27 photographs that I took during my stay in Iceland as an Artist in Residence in April 2009. They are photographed at "Leirhnjúkur geothermal" and "Mývatn Nature Baths" adjacent to the geothermal power plants located around 65°N.

PRICE :1260 JPY (approximately £7 / $13 / € 10 / 1400 ISK )

wonder Iceland
beautiful pieces of scenery from the land of ice and fire


design : Yumi Kohsaka (the Pleiades) / illustration : Hisae Maeda
proofreading : Jessica Gahan / publisher : millebooks, Japan (Apr. 2010)
size : A5 paperback photo-book. Handy size

60 photos + EN/JP essay
about Icelandic scenery from winter and summer between 2004 - 2009

wonder Iceland is a photo-book consists of photographs taken by Japanese photo-based artist Keiko Kurita during her eight visits to Iceland, in summer and winter between 2004 and 2009. "They are distinctive Icelandic scenes; in winter, swimming in pools of warm water sourced from natural hot springs, that portrays warmth and beauty in an extremely cold world. In summer, for just a short period, people appreciate the pleasure of playing football, hiking, riding horses, tender green grass growing. I wish to send these moments of Iceland through my heart, to you. " - from Prologue


PRICE :1260 JPY(approximately £7 / $13 / € 10 / 1400 ISK )

also via : Amazon Japan

aquatic water
beauty of the relationships between water, light and creatures in water


design : Yumi Kohsaka (the Pleiades)
publisher : UTRECHT, Japan (Sep. 2007)
size : 17x23.8cm / paperback / 28 page s/ colour
- Limited edition 500

an art book by Tokyo- and London-based photographer keiko kurita, visually explores the mesmerizing beauty of the relationships between water, light and the creatures living in water. All pictures were taken at the renowned Enoshima- Aquarium in Fujisawa Japan, where kurita has been grown up. Her first solo publication, aquatic water demonstrates her peculiar, sensitive treatment of the decorative qualities of light and motion.

PRICE :1260 JPY(approximately £7 / $13 / € 10 / 1400 ISK )

also via : Printed Matter (NY) / Amazon Japan / BOEKIE WOEKIE (Amsterdam)





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