White H2O : keiko kurita



タイトル:White H2O
写真:keiko kurita
装丁:香坂弓 (the Pleiades)
発行:Jan 2009 (swimciel刊) 100部 sold out
14.8 x 14.8cm / 32ページ / フルカラー / ¥1680(税込)

札幌 cholonで2009/1/30-2/8に開催された「White H2O」を期に刊行された写真家keiko kuritaの100部限定発行の最新作品集。雪。とてつもない寒さとひきかえに天から降ってくる白い結晶。そのときだけしか触れられない神秘な優美。地上を白く包み世界を変えるのに溶けてなくなり、記憶だけになってしまう雪。そんな雪の存在に魅せられたkeiko kuritaが4年間にわたりアイスランド、ノルウェー、日本で撮り続けた「白いH2O」に覆われた地上の写真30点は、まるで絵のようでもあり幻想的。100部発行。 Jan 2009 (swimciel刊)


Title: White H2O
Artist : keiko kurita
Design : Yumi Kohsaka (the pleiades)
price : USD15  EUR12  GBP10
Publisher : swimciel, JAN 2009 sold out
Paperback / 14.8 x 14.8 cm / 32 pages / Color

'White H2O' was published with a limited 100 copies on the occasion of Kurita's 'White H2O' exhibition at Cholon (Sapporo Japan) on 30 January and 8 February 2009."
Snow. White crystal that is formed from H2O. Falling from heaven as a result of the extraordinary coldness. Snow creates a world covered in white. However, it also melts and disappears. Snow has a special grace. It can touch at that time only." -Kurita's text from the prologue of 'White H2O'
Snow melts, disappears, and then only exists in the memory. Kurita is so mesmerized by the existence of snow that she photographed it for four years in Iceland, Norway, and Japan. The 30 photographs of the land and people covered with "White H2O" has sensitive transparent texture. It is fantastic, like paint on canvas.




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