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Keiko Kurita : 2004-2006
London England

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///// statement /////  作品概要

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DIGNITY RED (2004-2006) is 10 series of photographs capturing the red in London, as an interpretation of its symbolic and historical significance. While I lived in London, I got strong impressions of "red" in town. Telephone boxes, mailboxes, doors and buses... I saw "red" in everywhere. I thought, red is the symbolic element of London. In this work, I try to capture the "dignity red" as regard to London. To express the strong impression of "Red" equally to my first impression, I carefully chose the locations with pale or white backgrounds with red objects. The extraordinary precise and objective look is emphasized by the special qualities of a large-format camera and own handwork in the colour darkroom makes pictorial impression. The reason why is to mix experimentally the possibility of each, a photograph which projects reality precisely, and an abstract painting describing the minds.
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DIGNITY RED (威厳の赤 / 2004-2006)は「ロンドンの赤」をシンボリックで歴史的な解釈として捉えた10枚の写真シリーズ。ロンドン在住の3年半の間さまざまな角度からロンドンの印象を得たが、その始まりは「赤」だった。電話ボックス、ポスト、ドア、そしてバス。随所に見られる赤。それらの赤は、いわゆる「情熱の赤」とはだいぶ印象が違い、重厚で歴史感を放つ「威厳の赤」だった。これらの象徴的な赤は、ロンドンを構成する要素であり、文化的特徴も背景にある。私はその「赤」から感じる威厳を、ロンドンへの敬意としてきちんと撮りたいと思った。そこでその「赤」に対しての自分が受けた心象と同等のインパクトを視覚的に表現するため「白い背景」の場所を選んだ。また「写真」というメディアにおける正確さと重厚感を助長するため大判カメラを使用し、暗室の手作業により心象を強調できる手法として「絵」のような仕上がりを創りだした。




///// project proposal/////  企画書

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Outline description of theme / subject
My aim is producing a series of pictures of the red things of London (post boxes, telephone booths, buses, rubbish bins, doors etc. ) as the symbols of London, in other words, as identity of London. In addition to it, I put my own impressions and internal feeling towards subjects.

How to carry out
I have often focused on capturing atmosphere according to the color. I think that each person has their own color, each feeling has its own color, and each town has its own color in psychologically. The color which I felt in London was red. It is because red was used for many of things of London which exist historically. Therefore, I’d like to exaggerate “red”, in order to get the same impact as my impression received. Then, I set an approach - capturing symbol red on a white background. That is to say, it is the combination of own impression of me who come from other country and live in London, and the identity of London. Moreover, I’d like to capture the dignity of the historical existences that still remain in modern world. I’d like to take photographs of precise and objective look taking advantage of a large format camera. Furthermore, I’d like to print these images pictorially. The reason why is to mix experimentally the possibility of each, a photograph which projects reality precisely, and an abstract painting describing the minds.

These images are one of the scenes overlooked in every day. Usually, people do not stare at them and do not need to do so. However, I’d like to visualize the invisible situation that lurks under the surface of everyday consciousness. Then I choose the way, the so-called Typology Photograph defined by Bernd and Hilla Becher, which projected content from the fixed viewpoint. The concept of controlling the flexibility of shooting and thinking objectivity as important is referring to Becher-Typology. However, it can be said that the trials of putting my own impression on photography as well, refer to Andreas Gursky, one of the photographers from Becher group. Upgrading Typological concept like in his own way, Gursky operated images by digital processing in order to add his own vision and creativity. Like him I want to visualize my own impression of reality. I can say I was also inspired visually by Frank Breure also a photographer from Becher’s group who had an exhibition at Photographers Gallery in London last year.

This is a project proposal which I wrote for the Course Work at London Collage of Communication : Professional Photography Practice2004





///// exhibitions /////   展示

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2004 Nov
beyond the valley launch group exhibition, London

2004 June
University of the Arts London : London Collage of Communication
Certificate of Professional Photography Practice, the end of term sho, London



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DIGNITY RED 2006  PDF download



///// special thanks/////   賛辞

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London Collage of Communication : Professional Photography Practice, Noriko Inoue, Meruro Washida, Kristjana S. Williams, Beyond the Valley, Some people who I met on the street in London while I took pictures,
All people who supported me,  All of precious friends and family.




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