innocent water

iceland in winter
アイスランド : 冬

Keiko Kurita : 2004 - 2006

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///// statement /////  作品概要

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swimming in a warm swimming pool in snow. eating an icelandic hotdog and Coca-Cola. taking a walk along a seashore. sound of wave hit rocks calmly. walking on a frozen lake. in a world of minus temperature. feeling warmness of a pair of knit gloves and a knit cap. in an extremely cold world. just feeling so crystal air compounded with elements of sensitive but solid colors. all sounds were melted into ears naturally. tenderness and softness inside of a severe cold world. every scene iceland.
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innocent water (2004-2006) is a multimedia installation as Student Work on MA Image and Communication at Goldsmiths Collage London 2006. Also this work is exhibited at Reykjavik Museum of Photography in Iceland 2009.

In this work, I focus on depicting distinctively Icelandic winter scenes. The surreal quiet of the landscape and the fragments of winter life such as swimming in pools of warm water sourced from natural hot springs and strolling on frozen lakes depict in a literal way the warmth and beauty in an extremely cold world. I would like to show those elements and feelings to the viewers.

The purpose of the using several media format is to describe each subject from different angles, although all results are related. I will mention each aspect below.

1 book
A bound book with soft-touch material cover : to tell an ambiguous narrative with 43 photographic images summarises whole view of the work

2 prints
C-prints of selected 10 photographs from the book : to emphasise the crucial 'moment' in the sequences, and to present the impact and the possibility of the color prints as its material

3 video / animation clips
The videozto trace the mesmerizing movement, for example, the motion of water and wind, that still pictures cannot say, with ambient water sound, voices and music sources

The animation : to depict the little sequences of that actually happened before 'the moment' which I captured in each photographs. In other words, to produce the reasons why I took the photographs


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innocent water』(イノセント・ウォーター / 2004-2006) は、冬のアイスランド独特の情景を描写したインスタレーションで、ゴールドスミス・カレッジ・ロンドンの修士課程在籍中の2006年制作。この制作のために在学中の2年間で5回アイスランドを訪問した。後の2009年にはアイスランドのレイキャビック写真美術館でも展示された。

この作品の主題と目的は、地球から供給された資源が素直に存在する国アイスランドにて、例えば、冬でも屋外の温泉スイミングプールで泳ぐ習慣や、凍った湖の上で遊ぶ人々、とてつもない寒さと引きかえに手にした美しい情景や、生活の断片など、シュールなまでに静寂な景色の中に見る暖かさのようなものを、そっと人々に知らせること。 いくつかのメディアを使用したのは、捉える対象を別の角度から描写するためだが、結果として全てのメディアが互いに関連している。









///// reference letter /////   推薦状

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Warm coldness

Keiko Kurita is a japanese artist and photographer whose exhibition Innocent Water was on display at the Reykjavík Museum of Photography from March 12th to May 5th 2009.

Looking at Keiko Kuritas artworks you enter a world of tranquility. The subject matter of Innocent Water is winter scenes in Iceland in which, among other things, we see children playing in the snow, details of house exterior, swimming pool and a football goal. „Strolling on frozen lakes portray warmth and beauty in an extremely cold world“ Kurita describes her work. She gives us glimpses of the daily life of people who are used to live under harsh conditions caused by the contrast of the earth, boiling hot close to its surface, and the cold climate.

Keiko Kurita´s art is rooted in japanese aesthetics, full of symbolic significance, as the title itself Innocent water implies. Although, as we know, water and frozen water (ice) are full of dangers she manages to convince the viewer that this water is not there to do any harm. Therefore, with the bright overall look of the exhibition and the title combined, she creates a feeling of well being. What is special about her work is that it´s not necessarily what she photographs that´s important, it´s rather how she photographs and edits her work - creating an effortless flow of imagery. The result is a warm and unique atmosphere which brings the „surreal quiet“ of the Icelandic landscape to an almost meditative level.

Jóhanna G. Árnadóttir, curator

Reykjavík Museum of Photography



///// handmade book/////    手製本

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Look inside of the book / 本の中身を見る



///// video and animation/////   ビデオ・アニメーション

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kirakira water yurayura water

video clip |2'37" (2006)
(* play on iceland review online)

music by sanso-xtro
innocent water

animation video clip | 3'49" (2006)

illustration by Hisae maeda
music by John Chantler
white water

video clip | 3'28" (2006)

music by sanso-xtro
after swim

video clip | 1'59" (2006)

music by sanso-xtro



///// exhibitions /////  展示

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innocent water
Reykjavik Museum of Photography


12 March - 5 May 2009
reception 13 March 17:00-18:00

レイキャビック写真美術館 アイスランド

Keiko Kurita is an emerging Japanese-based artist and photographer. Kurita's photo exhibition, 'innocent water,' is at SKOTIĐ Ljósmyndasafn Reykjavíkur / Reykjavik Museum of Photography on 12 March -5 May, 2009, subsidized by The Nomura Cultural Foundation.

Kurita has visited Iceland seven times during the summer and winter months between 2004-2008; 'innocent water' is a series of photographs depicting distinctively Icelandic winter scenes taken during that time. The surreal quiet of the landscape, the fragments of winter life such as swimming in pools of warm water sourced from natural hot springs, and strolling on frozen lakes portray warmth and beauty in an extremely cold world.

In this exhibition, Kurita shows 10 c-type Prints and a Book. The book is a photo narrative of 43 photographic images, which are also projected to the gallery's wall.

Kurita has another exhibition 4 April - 26 April 2009, at The ASI Art Museum. The exhibition titled 'tree/sleep,' also consists of 10 c-type prints. Kurita features green elements in 'tree/sleep,' creating a different color scheme than 'innocent water,' but still incorporating the same peculiar sensitive and strict transparency.

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MA image and communication degree show
Goldsmiths College London

12 July -16 July  2006
at Bargehouse London




///// press /////  掲載誌

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'KEYAKI' vol. 78

Japanese school magazine
language : Japanese
publisher : VANTAN (01.10.2009)

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  'PHaT PHOTO ' vol. 52 / 2009 JUL-AUG

Japanese Photo Magazine
language : Japanese
publisher : CMS corporation (20/06/2009)

編集・発行 : 株式会社 シー・エム・エス
発行日 : 2009年6月20日

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Icelandic Airport Magazine
language : English
Publisher : HEIMUR Ltd. (MAY 2009)

2009年 5-6月号

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"Fréttablaðið" 14 March 2009

Icelandic news paper
language : Icelandic

アイスランドの新聞 (2009年3月14日)
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'Iceland Review Online'

Icelandic Online Magazine
language : English
Publisher : HEIMUR Ltd. (Feb 2007)

2007年 2月

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"PAPER SKY" Autumn 2005 no.15

Japanese travel magazine
language : Japanese
publisher : khee high medida japan




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23 ways    Student Website : MA Image & Communication 2006 / MAイメージ・アンド・コミュニケーション2006のクラスページ

Goldsmiths Collage   personal document photographs at working on innocent water / ゴールドスミス・カレッジの作業風景ドキュメント

Iceland Review Online  アイスランドレビュー・オンライン

Reyjkavik Museum of Photography

ice snow swim land  exhibition diary at Reykjavik museum of Photography / レイキャビック写真美術館の展示日記




///// PESS KIT PDF download /////   作品概要ダウンロード

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innocent water 2009  PDF download
at Reykjavik Museum of Photography / レイキャビック写真美術館 (英語)

innocent water 2006   PDF download
at Goldsmiths Collage London MA Degree Show / ゴールドスミス・カレッジ・ロンドン修了展 (英語・日本語)




///// special thanks/////   賛辞

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Kristjana S. Williams, Árni and Matthildur, Thuridur Magnusdottir, Sigmundur Halldorsson, Eva Rán, Jón and Inga-Tota,
Jón and Helena, Einsi, Viggi and Sigridur, Hallvardur, Tota, Linda, Birta Gudjonsdottir, Everyone who I met in Iceland,
Goldsmiths Collage London : Nigel Perkins, Ian Jeffrey, Martin Durrant, Graham Young, Lee Demetrius,
Everyone from MA image and communication 2006, Flat 3 mate in Bethnal Green 2006,
Hisae maeda, John Chantler, Carina Thorén, Melissa Agate from santo-xtro, Wyvern Bindery,
Reykjavik Museum of Photography: María Karen Sigurðardóttir, Jóhanna G. Árnadóttir,
Kristín Hauksdóttir, Sigríður Kristín Birnudóttir, Gísli Helgason, Svava Lóa Stefánsdóttir,
Iceland Review : Pall Stefansson, Eygló Svala Arnarsdóttir, The Nomura Cultural Foundation,
All people who visited innocent water exhibitions, All people who supported me,  All of precious friends and family.




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