White H2O

H2O in White

Keiko Kurita : 2005-2008
Iceland, Norway, Japan

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///// statement /////  作品概要

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White H2O (2005-2008) is the series of photographs of H2O in White.In my photographs, I realised that they were unconsciously connected to water, which can be seen in the snow, ice, fog, lakes sea, rain, the water of the swimming pool, the aquarium. Even when its shape and color change physically, they are all H2O. This is when my interest in water began.

I had a photo exhibition "H2O' in April 2008 at PUNCTUM Photo+Graphix Tokyo.It consisted of 20 c-type prints, all related to H2O.This time, I re-arranged the work with only photographes of "White H2O", such as snow photos taken in iceland and Norway in winter.

Snow. White crystal that is formed from H2O. Falling from heaven as a result of the extraordinary coldness. Snow creates a world covered in white. However, it also melts and disappears. Snow has a special grace. It can touch at that time only. Snow melts, disappears, and then only exists in the memory. In this work, through the snow scenes, I would like to depict 'the fantasy in the reality' as well.

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White H2O』(2005-2008)はアイスランド、ノルウェー、日本で撮り続けた写真で「白いH2O」を綴るシリーズ。近年、自分の写真には無意識のうちに「H2O」が映っていた。雪。氷。霧。湖。海。雨。プールの水。水族館の水。これらは物理的に形や色を変えても全て「H2O」だった。そのことに気がついて以来。作品のテーマとして「水」が常に念頭にあった。そして昨年PUNCTUMで水に関連した写真展『H2O』を開催。今回は、その続編として「雪 : 白いH2O」に絞った作品だけを再編成した。






///// ZINE/////   小冊子

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White H2O

photograph and text : Keiko Kurita
design : Yumi Kohsaka (the Pleiades)

publisher : swimciel (30.JAN. 2009)
size : 14.8 x 14.8cm / 32 pages
edition : 100 copies SOLD OUT

写真と文:keiko kurita
装丁:香坂弓 (the Pleiades)
発行:Jan 2009 (swimciel刊)
サイズ : 14.8 x 14.8cm / 32ページ
100部発行 品切れ

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///// exhibitions /////   展示

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White H2O touring exhibition in Seoul

1 December 2009 - 28 February 2010
cafe gallery BARI E MALGM in Seoul Korea

White H2O 巡回展
cafe gallery BARI E MALGM 韓国 ソウル




White H2O
cholon, sapporo Japan

30 Jan - 8 Feb 2009







///// merchandise /////   物販

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produced by
swimciel (Jan.2009)
JPY 150 (sold out)

価格:150円 (品切れ)




///// press /////   掲載誌

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"Young Photographer's file "
separaPte volume of "PhotoGRAPHICA" vol.11 2008

Japanese Photo Magazine
language : Japanese
publisher : MDN corporation (01.10.2009)

"フォトグラフィカ" vol.11




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UTRECHT  bookstore / ブックストア

cholon 展示搬入風景 / cholon ワークショップ  daiary report at cholon (Japanese only)




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Kristjana S Williams, Árni and matthildur, Thuridur Magnusdottir, Sigmundur Halldorsson, Eva Rán, Jón and Inga-Tota,
Jón and Helena, Einsi, Viggi and Sigridur, Hallvardur, Tota, Everyone who i met in Iceland,
Andreas Tovan, Anita Helgerud, Glenn Hallberg, Hedda and Rebekka, Misty, Everyone who i met in Norway,
Goldsmiths Collage mates, Flat 3 mates, Yumi Kohsaka, Hisae Maeda, cholon, macchinafoto, UTRECHT,
PUNCTUM Photo+Graphix Tokyo, Reykjavik Museum of Photography, Hakushindo Co., Ltd.,
All people who visited white H2O exhibitions, All people who supported me, All precious friends and family




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