mystic water 01
mystic water 01mystic water 01

Whispering with elves, trolls, and hidden-folks
2011-2012 Iceland
C-Type Print : 16x20 inch / 11x14 inch

In The Optically Exposed Photographs, Sometimes Fantasies Dwell

Whispering with elves, trolls and hidden-folks is a series of 50 photographs that I took in Iceland between 2011-2012 during my year as an Artist in Residence, granted by POLA Art Foundation.

Iceland is a country with an entirely unique culture among powerful weather and extraordinary nature such as geothermal activities, glacier-cut fjords, lava fields, valleys full of herbs, generous pure water and hot springs. Furthermore, Iceland is a mystical place. In this distinctive environment I was always attracted to eerie senses, as if I was spellbound by the mythical and imaginary beings that dwelled in that nature.

When those mystical views were evoked in me, I took photographs. Optically speaking, only the visible real world can be depicted in the photographs. My attempt however, is to try and capture the correlative phenomenon between invisible figments and real natural principles, and I am gradually getting convinced that it is in truth possible to prove the fantastical recognition through optical media - photography. I try to show the results of my trial within this work, hoping what i have captured has an effect on other people too.

This series of 50 photographs were taken with 1 shutter release on 5x4 films with a pinhole camera and printed in a darkroom. There were no double exposures and no digital manipulation.


Whispering with elves, trolls and hidden-folks

2011-2012 アイスランド

Whispering with elves, trolls, and hidden-folks(小妖精達とのささやき)は、ポーラ美術振興財団若手芸術家在外研修助成を受け、2011年から2012年の1年間滞在したアイスランドにて撮影した写真50点のシリーズです。







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mystic water / geothermal

C-Type Print : 16x16 inch / 11x14 inch

mystic water/ geothermal is a series of 27 photographs that I took during my stay in Iceland as an Artist in Residence in April 2009. They are photographed at "Leirhnjúkur geothermal" and "Mývatn Nature Baths" adjacent to the geothermal power plants located around 65°N.

At that time I was bathing in the warm water where the smell of sulfur shrouded me, my body was smoothly wrapped by the water, it was bliss. Then I understood deeply the natural principles such as relations between geothermal heat and warm water and between water and wind, because I was feeling them through my body and senses. It was also an experience that I was attracted to in a fantastical sense.

I photographed the scene with a camera and as a result some photographic images of light were created. In those pictures, the nature principle of the place was taken but also I think they were proof of the fantastical senses that I perceived there. I was impressed by that phenomenon and I wanted to express it on this work.


mystic water / geothermal(神秘の水/地熱)は、アーティスト・イン・レジデンスとしてアイスランドに滞在した2009年4月に、北緯65°付近に位置する地熱発電所に隣接する「レイルフニュークル地熱地帯」と「ミーヴァトン天然露天風呂」を訪れ撮影した写真27点のシリーズです。






Works for the exhibition at at KOUMI-MACHI KOUGEN MUSEUM OF ART

Koumi/小海 #03
2011 cherryblossoms /2011年の桜 #03
loop in / loop out #01




red in London

DIGNITY RED (2004-2006) is 10 series of photographs capturing the red in London, as an interpretation of its symbolic and historical significance. While I lived in London, I got strong impressions of "red" in town. Telephone boxes, mailboxes, doors and buses... I saw "red" in everywhere. I thought, red is the symbolic element of London. In this work, I try to capture the "dignity red" as regard to London. To express the strong impression of "Red" equally to my first impression, I carefully chose the locations with pale or white backgrounds with red objects. The extraordinary precise and objective look is emphasized by the special qualities of a large-format camera and own handwork in the colour darkroom makes pictorial impression. The reason why is to mix experimentally the possibility of each, a photograph which projects reality precisely, and an abstract painting describing the minds.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

DIGNITY RED (威厳の赤 / 2004-2006)は「ロンドンの赤」をシンボリックで歴史的な解釈として捉えた10枚の写真シリーズ。ロンドン在住の3年半の間さまざまな角度からロンドンの印象を得たが、その始まりは「赤」だった。電話ボックス、ポスト、ドア、そしてバス。随所に見られる赤。それらの赤は、いわゆる「情熱の赤」とはだいぶ印象が違い、重厚で歴史感を放つ「威厳の赤」だった。これらの象徴的な赤は、ロンドンを構成する要素であり、文化的特徴も背景にある。私はその「赤」から感じる威厳を、ロンドンへの敬意としてきちんと撮りたいと思った。そこでその「赤」に対しての自分が受けた心象と同等のインパクトを視覚的に表現するため「白い背景」の場所を選んだ。また「写真」というメディアにおける正確さと重厚感を助長するため大判カメラを使用し、暗室の手作業により心象を強調できる手法として「絵」のような仕上がりを創りだした。



mystic water 01mystic water 01

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