Photographer / Artist

keiko kurita

b.1975, Japanese photographer / artist
graduated Goldsmiths Collage London
MA image and communidcation 2006

Artist Statement

“fantasy is a kind of truth that definitely exists by believing in feelings”


The motive for my work starts from an interest in the correlation between fantasy and a natural principle. For example, when we perceive snow falling down creating an uncertain view as a fantastical vision. Correlation of natural science, myth and spirit, is advocated from the ancient times.The nature principle creates worlds in which I feel a sense of awe. When I face those mysterious views, I fall into the illusion that the fantasy world, which I knew in a story, actually appeared in front of my eyes. My theory is that the invisible fantasy world is actually strongly connected with the visible real world and my attempt is to try and capture my world view with an optical media – photography. I think that could be a sincere demonstration of how I face the world and I wish my trial becomes a new sense of value for other people too.